Opioids in the Workplace Conference — LIVE

Opioids in the Workplace Conference — LIVE
March 7, 2019 paperlesslion

Opioids in the Workplace are the subjects for discussion when the Detroit Economic Club presents The Hartford Chairman and CEO Chris Swift explaining how American businesses can and must lead the fight against this deadly drug epidemic. Watch Detroit Public TV’s livestream of this critical discussion today, March 7, at 12:35 p.m. via dptv.org.

Opioids are a critical workplace issue that today’s businesses must address, argues Chris Swift, Chairman and CEO of The Hartford, who will be speaking at the Detroit Economic Club on Thursday, March 7, about this deadly and expensive crisis.

The opioid epidemic has devastated families and communities across the nation, with 2 million Americans diagnosed with opioid-use disorder and a record 72,000 overdose deaths estimated in 2017.

A third of Americans have been prescribed opioid painkillers at some point in their lives, and opioids are so addictive that research suggests 1 in 5 who start a10-day supply become longer-term users.

New research shows that 49 percent of employers — large and small — are impacted by employees’ use of opioids,  In fact, the national crisis has become an enormous financial burden for employers – at an estimated cost of $504 billion per year.

Swift will drive a solutions-oriented discussion around actions that companies of all sizes can take to help reduce the impact of opioids in the workplace and steps that policymakers can take to support employers in fighting the epidemic.

Detroit Public TV, in partnership with the Detroit Economic Club, will provide a livestream of the discussion at dptv.org.

The talk will be moderated by Deanna Lites, the award-winning health reporter at WWJ Newsradio 950.