The Future of Detroit: Community Presentation and Conversation

The Future of Detroit: Community Presentation and Conversation
March 5, 2019 Sarah Zientarski

Detroit Performs featured multidisciplinary artist, Ackeem Salmon, is holding The Future of Detroit: Community Presentation and Conversation on Thursday March 7 at the Walter B. Ford Building in Detroit.

Based on the theme, “Involving Detroit Youth and the Arts in Building the Future of Detroit,” Salmon presents on how we can build a city that is more inclusive.

Salmon says this is in rebuttal to Detroit’s current environment as he addresses the reality of disconnection and miscommunication in regards to the development of the city.

“Ultimately, as a community, there needs to be more communication and collaboration between individuals and institutions of different perspectives,” Salmon says. “We have to address how do we bridge the gap of communication between generations? How do we as a community begin to truly empower our youth to become the next generation of future leaders?”

The discussion will run from 6pm-8pm March 7 and will begin with a 40-minute presentation by Salmon followed by a general discussion. The discussion will include members from the College for Creative Studies, Charles H. Wright Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Public Schools, Wayne State University, Heidelberg Project, and the general Detroit community.

To attend, head to the Walter B. Ford Building, Room 217. Address: 201 East Kirby Street, Detroit, MI 48206. It is the glass building facing the Detroit Institute of Arts.

You can see Ackeem Salmon’s segment from the third season of Detroit Performs here: