Apollo 69: A Trip to the Moon

Apollo 69: A Trip to the Moon
June 15, 2019 paperlesslion

Those who were there will never forget the late night broadcast on July 20, 1969 when Neil Armstrong stepped upon the moon. Tangent Gallery invites those who remember and those who weren’t born to celebrate the first manned lunar landing, and dive into space at Apollo 69: A Trip to the Moon.

Live music will cover the hits of 1969: Kubat, Finlay and Rose, Anthony Retka, Jack Oats, George Montrelle, and Grace Detroit will be performing the top hits of the era , from Space Oddity to the White Album, the Age of Aquarius to the Sounds of Silence, Cash to 2525.

The original ABC/CBS live broadcasts from the Moon will play alongside psychedelic projection-mapping and retro cinema, with vintage cocktails, rotary phones, stargazing, and more.

Visual Stimulation from Nomadic Madam and Art of Armageddon Beachparty!

The Ford Amateur Astronomy Club will aim telescopes at the sky, guided by NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassadors!

On July 20th, 1969, the entire world watched a LIVE TRANSMISSION FROM THE MOON. Over 600 million people gathered around television sets at homes, department stores, churches, synagogues, mosques, parks and bars to witness the first beings from our planet step foot upon another world for the first time.

It was in the month between the Stonewall Rebellion, Woodstock, and the Manson Murders, in a decade of protest, war, assassination, civil rights struggle, people power and the threat of nuclear doom. These voyages captured our imagination, revealed the Earth as it truly was, birthed the environmental movement, and suggested a better future was ahead.

So step back 50 years with us and celebrate the event as it unfolded live, with hits of the era played against the backdrop of the original CBS and ABC broadcasts of the lunar landing and EVA. Leap back in time to celebrate the night we were all One.

PERIOD FASHION ENCOURAGED: Dress for the Summer of 69′ Calling all scoundrels, scientists and dreamers! Doves and dropouts, hippies, stoners and duds, Mad Men, greasers and devils, babes and squares, protestors and Panthers!

Admission: $10 (outdoor telescope observing is free!). Click here to visit the official Facebook page.

The image above shows astronaut Neil Armstrong as he begins his exploration of the moon, a NASA still from the live video feed broadcast from the surface of the moon.