Detroit Performs recently caught up with woodturner, Steve Kolpacke, to see what he has been up to this summer. 

Detroit Performs: What sculptures/functional pieces have you been most excited about turning since Detroit Performs was at your studio?

Steve Kolpacke: I have been working on a vessel that that poses a technical challenge due to many voids/openings in the piece of wood. In order to complete turning of the piece safely and without damaging it, I have had to build a new fixture and tool to perform the hollowing process.

DP: What type of wood have you been turning?

SK: The piece that I have been working on is black walnut.

DP: What is the club of woodturners you belong to in metro Detroit?

SK: Huron Valley Woodturners, based in the Ann Arbor area.

DP: What is the mission of the Huron Valley Woodturners?

SK: The mission of the club is primarily education; a chance for members to share woodturning techniques, challenges and accomplishments. In addition, members can learn more about equipment, tools and wood species. Finally, it is a way for beginners, or those have never turned at all, to learn how to get started.

DP: Why is it important for you and the other woodturners to share in your passion for woodturning?

SK: The  importance of sharing the passion is continuous improvement and perpetuation of the craft.  I find that woodworkers are open, if not downright eager, to share their knowledge. This sharing of experiences improves everyone’s skills and abilities, thus creating more inspired and technically better turned objects. This in turn, may inspire others to join the craft.

DP: What do you hope the Detroit Performs audience understands about woodturning after watching your segment?

SK: I hope that they learn that woodturning can be a rewarding experience if you are willing to dedicate the time and effort to learn. Who knows, woodturning could bring out the hidden artist in you.

DP: How can people get a hold of you to discuss obtaining a piece of your work?

SK: You can contact me at or visit my website I would like to thank DPTV for giving the opportunity for me to share my passion for woodturning and some of the pieces that I have made.

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