Arts programming on Detroit Public TV – Week of July 14

Arts programming on Detroit Public TV – Week of July 14
July 12, 2019 Lea Vigi

Here are the arts & culture programs airing on Detroit Public TV July 14-19, 2019

MASTERPIECE Mystery: Grantchester
– Sunday, 7/14 at 9pm

Sidney is swept up in the civil rights movement after a pastor and his daughter arrive in Cambridge, and a murder sees racial tensions spike; Sidney struggles to remember a murdered woman’s final words.

  • Antiques Roadshow – Monday, 7/15 at 8pm 
    A Mickey Mantle all-star watch; an 1840 Texas artillery short sword; an Edith Parsons “Turtle Baby” fountain.
  • Queen Victoria and her Nine Children – Monday, 7/15 at 10pm
    A look at how the loss of Queen Victoria’s husband, and the father of her nine children, drove her into mourning.
  • Detroit Performs – Tuesday, 7/16 at 7:30pm
    Woodturner Steve Kolpacke takes us through the process of creating his beautiful wood sculptures and functional pieces; author and leaf painterJennifer Lanzilotti shares her story of recently finding her inner artist; and painter Tania Dibbspaints to save the planet. Plus, DJ Oliver checks out the exhibition “Beyond Constraint” at theJanice Charach Gallery in the Jewish Community Center of Metro Detroit.
  • Chasing the Moon – Tuesday, 7/16 at 8pm
    Experience the thrilling era of the space race, from its earliest days to the 1969 moon landing.
  • Great American Railroad Journeys – Thursday, 7/18 at 9pm
    Visiting a wide range of U.S. destinations, from the Grand Canyon to downtown Chicago, host Michael Portillo explores local history and enjoys signature experiences that make each stop unique.
  • Paradise Boogie – Friday, 7/19 at 8pm 
    Detroit’s blues makers exhibit the blending of times and sharing of cultures.
  • Father Brown Season 7 – Saturday, 7/20 at 7:30pm 
    When Father Brown and Mallory go missing, it’s up to the gang to save them from a man hell-bent on revenge
  • Midsomer Murders – Saturday, 7/20 at 8:30pm 
    A woman who was crushed to death with a giant round of cheese.