Arts programming on Detroit Public TV – Week of July 7

Arts programming on Detroit Public TV – Week of July 7
July 1, 2019 Lea Vigi

Here are the arts & culture programs airing on Detroit Public TV July 7-13, 2019

MASTERPIECE Mystery: Endeavour – Sunday, 7/7 at 9pm
The murder of an Oxford librarian and a local tragedy test Endeavour and the team to their limits, as they uncover the truth behind the crime that has haunted them all.

  • Chasing the Moon – Monday – Wednesday, 7/8-7/10 at 9pm
    Experience the thrilling era of the space race, from its earliest days to the 1969 moon landing.
  • Antiques Roadshow – Monday, 7/8 at 8pm 
    Space-themed items include autographed photos from the NASA space program, a 1737 Celestial and terrestrial atlas and a “Star Trek” treatment, script and letters.
  • Detroit Performs – Tuesday, 7/9 at 7:30pm
    Showcasing the hand-dyed clothing at brightlytwisted in Corktown and hearing co-owner, Alexandra Bourque’s inspiring story of her art installation, The Butterfly Dress. Then we check out all ten winners of the Commerce Design: Detroit Awards. Plus, host DJ Oliver tours the Detroit Foundation Hotel and interviews Ellie Schneider, Director of Detroit City of Design Initiative.
  • Pavlo Live In Guadalajara with Jalisco Philharmonic – Friday, 7/12 at 8pm 
    Pavlo’s return to Public Television celebrates his life’s work with a 93 piece orchestra behind him.
  • Father Brown Season 7 – Saturday, 7/13 at 7:30pm 
    Father Brown uncovers secrets, hypocrisy and murder at a finishing school for young ladies.
  • Midsomer Murders – Saturday, 7/13 at 8:30pm 
    A serial killer strikes members of a chess club.