Take a Photography Tour in Detroit with Asia Hamilton

Take a Photography Tour in Detroit with Asia Hamilton
August 14, 2019 Sarah Zientarski

Detroit Performs featured artist, Asia Hamilton, continues to educate people on the beauty Detroit has to offer through her multilayered textural photographs, Norwest Gallery of Art, and hosting photography tours for people who want to try their hand at creative pictures of the city. Read on to learn more of what Hamilton provides. 

Detroit Performs: What are the Photo Sensei tours?

Asia Hamilton: They are photography tours of Detroit. Please see https://www.photosensei.net

DP: Why did you feel it was necessary to create the Photo Sensei tours?

AH: After seeing tours of Detroit’s ruins and abandon places I thought it was important to show people the beautiful places in the city. We were the first to do it in 2012.

DP: What are people’s reactions to the city of Detroit during and after the photo sensei tours?

AH: They are amazed by all the cool places the city has to offer. And the city has made great friends and frequent visitors from our workshops and tours.

DP: How can people take part in the Photo Sensei tours?

AH: By Signing up on our website: https://www.photosensei.net

DP: Where is Norwest Gallery?

AH: In Rosedale Park. 19556 Grand River Ave, Detroit MI 48223.

DP: What type of exhibitions do you seek for Norwest Gallery?

AH: Innovative and technology forward.

DP: How can artists reach out to you to use the Norwest Gallery space?

AH: hey can go to our website. https://www.norwestgallery.com. Follow us on all social sites: @norwestgallery @photosensei1 Facebook/norwestgallery Facebook/photosensei