The ninth annual Hamtramck Neighborhood Arts Festival (HNAF) happens Saturday, Oct. 12. Held throughout the 2-square-mile city, HNAF is a walkable, neighborhood-scale, art experience held on porches, in houses, on sidewalks and storefronts that highlights the Hamtramck’s indigenous artists, writers and musicians. Visitors new to Hamtramck will discover a welcoming community that breeds incredible diversity and boundless creativity.

This year’s all-day event will feature:

  • open artists’ studios, with exhibitions and parties at galleries and commercial spaces
  • bands and DJs performing on porches and in backyards
  • bike rentals, international eateries, and so much more.

In short, organizers report, HNAF is what festivals used to be, before all the corporate sponsorships and beer tickets: just a tight-knit community putting together an event just as much for itself as for you.

It’s a community-organized festival that allows anyone in the city and the surrounding neighborhood to contribute or host an event.

“We don’t limit who can participate,” says Faina Lerman, artist, former event organizer, and co-founder of Popps Packing, a participating venue. “The Festival is open to everyone. The audience curates their own experience.”

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