Orchestra Hall – A Centennial Celebration

Orchestra Hall – A Centennial Celebration
November 3, 2019 paperlesslion

Detroit Public TV has launched a six part web-based documentary:  Orchestra Hall – A Centennial Celebration . Each Wednesday, DPTV will release a new 7-9 minute episode on the historic home of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. The series will culminate in a 90-minute live pledge event on Detroit Public TV (December 2 – mark your calendars).

The first two episodes cover the early history of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (Part 1: Silence and Sound) and the rush to open Orchestra Hall (Part 11: Music and Movement).

Both are available to watch now online at http://www.dptv.org/specials/orchestra-hall-100/ . The team at DPTV and WRCJ-FM encourage you to take the time to watch these, and the remaining four videos as they are released.

The team was particularly moved by a notion in Episode 2 – that, in 1919, buildings said what a city thought of itself.  Taking on a project as ambitious as constructing Orchestra Hall in a matter of months showed Detroit’s boom town moxie.  Restoring and celebrating it through the last 20 years shows our city’s persistence, too.