Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd
November 10, 2019 paperlesslion

Revenge is served piping hot when Michigan Opera Theatre presents Sweeney Todd. Performances are on select dates, Saturday, Nov. 16 through Sunday, Nov. 24 at the Detroit Opera House.

With music and lyrics by Steven Sondheim, the MOT production is directed by Ron Daniels. The book is by Hugh Wheeler. The work is based on the play by Christopher Bond. The team at Encore Michigan wrote Sweeney Todd is considered “one of the greatest pieces of musical theater of all time.”

From Michigan Opera Theatre:

Revenge was never more delicious than in this musical feast of beautiful arias, duets, and choruses. Sweeney Todd is the story of a barber who was unjustly imprisoned by a salacious judge who then had his way with the convict’s wife. Years later, Sweeney returns to London to claim revenge. There he teams up with Mrs. Lovett, a meat-pie baker, in an insane partnership intended to bring him vengeance and her, riches.

Featuring “Johanna,” “Not While I’m Around” and “The Worst Pies in London,” Sweeney Todd is Steven Sondheim at his best.

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