All Things Grand and Glorious About Mackinac Island

All Things Grand and Glorious About Mackinac Island
December 16, 2019 paperlesslion

Tonight, discover all things Grand and Glorious about Mackinac Island on Detroit Public Television. The documentary double-feature details Michigan’s big piece of paradise – taking viewers “Inside the Grand Hotel” at 8 p.m. and telling the untold story of “Mackinac – Our Famous Island” at 9 p.m. on DPTV 56.1.

Viewers also may win a two-night stay at the resort! Spoiler Alert: Dan Musser, Doug Dean and Ken Hayward will join viewers to talk about the future of Grand Hotel. Click here for previews.

Details from DPTV:

Like many Michiganders, we at Detroit Public TV just can’t seem to get enough of Mackinac Island. In recent years, we have produced two great documentaries that capture the history, the glory and the character of this magical place.

Tonight, we will be showing both films back to back, starting with “Inside Grand Hotel,” a film narrated by WJR’s morning host, Paul W. Smith. Built in 1887, this island retreat is not only one of Michigan’s top tourist destinations, but also the world’s largest summer hotel, renowned for its historic setting and its lavish décor.

Inside Grand Hotel goes behind the scenes of some of the hotel’s most iconic spaces, leading viewers through a variety of areas in the hotel, including rooms, suites, the kitchen and other staff areas, not normally experienced by the masses.

Not only do you get to see more of Grand Hotel than ever before, you can also learn about its unique business story. Discover the individuals behind the scenes who create the magic of Grand Hotel’s experience.

Next, at 9 p.m., learn more about the unique setting of the Grand Hotel in the award-winning documentary, “Mackinac – Our Famous Island.” It takes views along its many shores and trails to experience the natural beauty of the island, visit landmarks that reveal its earliest history and introduce the people who still work to preserve this special place.

There is far more to this sacred island than horses and fudge, and this documentary reveals the picturesque landscape while connecting us to the diverse communities and people who have been stewards of Mackinac Island.

Throughout this special evening, Paul W. will talk to Dan Musser, whose family owned the hotel for 40 years; Doug Dean of the Davidson Hotels, which bought the property last year, and Ken Hayward, executive vice president and managing director of the hotel who will discuss its future.

And just perhaps you will be the lucky viewer who wins a two-night stay in the Grant Hotel. No purchase or pledge necessary for this ticket to paradise.