Saving Lives: A Campaign to Prevent Youth Suicide

Saving Lives: A Campaign to Prevent Youth Suicide
December 30, 2019 paperlesslion

Detroit Public TV, The Children’s Foundation and Kevin’s Song present “Saving Lives: A Campaign to Prevent Youth Suicide.” The special panel discusses what we all can do to identify teens and young adults at risk and provide help before it is too late. Catch the discussion on demand via

Details from DPTV:

The statistics on suicide are alarming, for youth as well as every other age group.

The suicide rate for teens in Michigan has doubled over the past decade, surpassing national trends. It is the second leading cause of death among our youth.

It is little wonder that people are calling youth suicide an epidemic.

Detroit Public TV is airing a special panel discussion – “Saving Lives – Preventing Youth Suicide” — taped live in our studio.

It features a crucial conversation with educators, researchers, counselors and other experts in the field, moderated by veteran broadcaster, Cynthia Canty.

Together, they seek solutions – what we can do as a community to bring awareness to youth suicide and how parents, teachers, friends and others in their lives can help young people who are at risk.

This important program is part of a yearlong campaign by Detroit Public Television, Kevin’s Song and The Children’s Foundation to shine a light of compassion and understanding on an issue that has too long remained in the shadows.

Kevin’s Song is hosting its fourth annual conference on suicide awareness and prevention, along with a School Summit, on Jan. 23-25 at the Inn of St. John’s in Plymouth. Information and registration can be found here.