January 14, 2020 paperlesslion

One word symbolized all the difference in the world to a pioneering African American actor. Discover the remarkable life of Charles S. Gilpin when Plowshares Theatre Company presents by Adrienne Earle Pender. The drama opens Jan. 31 at Marygrove Theatre with performances running on select dates through Sunday, Feb. 16.

Details from Plowshares Theatre:

Eugene O’Neill’s groundbreaking 1920 play, The Emperor Jones, was the first Broadway drama that featured an African-American actor in the lead role. Charles S. Gilpin’s portrayal of Emperor Brutus Jones was hailed as “revelatory.” He was named one of the finest actors of the age. Gilpin became the darling of the theater world. But by 1926, O’Neill was a legend and Gilpin was lost to history. N explores the challenging relationship between Gilpin and O’Neill and how it ultimately hinged on one word; a word that lifted one of them to the heights of American theater, and destroyed the other.

The production stars Lisa A. Loggins as Florence GilpinT. Pharaoh Muhammad as Charles S. Gilpin, and Scott Norman as Eugene O’Neill.

Marygrove Theatre is located on the campus of Marygrove College, 8425 W. McNichols Road, Detroit.