Arts Programming on Detroit Public TV – Week of March 29

Arts Programming on Detroit Public TV – Week of March 29
March 26, 2020 Christina Amato

Here are the arts & culture programs airing on Detroit Public TV March 15-21, 2020

  • CALL THE MIDWIFE – Sunday, 3/29 at 8pm
    Dr. Turner and Nurse Crane deal with an alarming outbreak of diphtheria; the team tries to reunite an abandoned baby with its mother.

GARTH BROOKS: THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS GERSHWIN PRIZE FOR POPULAR SONG– Sunday, 3/29 at 9pm The Library of Congress awards the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song to country music icon, Garth Brooks.

  • ANTIQUES ROADSHOW– Monday, 3/30 at 8pm 
    Desert Botanical Garden Hour 2- Cartier jadeite pendant necklace; Kanye West original artwork circa 1995; a 1906 Louis Akin chromolithograph.
  • AMERICAN MASTERS: HEDY LAMARR– Monday, 3/30 at 10pm 
    Actress Hedy Lamarr’s pioneering work as an inventor becomes the basis for secure Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth.
  • EARTH’S SACRED WONDERS – Wednesday, 4/1 at 10pm 
    Closer to the Divine- In Mali, a young Muslim helps to renovate Djenne’s Great Mosque, in the hope of earning a place in paradise; at the sacred Natchi waterfalls in Japan, a Shinto devotee undertakes a challenge to ensure the well-being of his country for another year.
  • UNDER THE RADAR MICHIGAN-Thursday, 4/2 at 8:30pm 
    Join your favorite team while discovering the people and places of Michigan.
  • PARADISE BOOGIE– Friday, 4/3 at 8pm Exploring the influence of Detroit’s early blues musicians and the neighborhoods of Black Bottom and Paradise Valley and how that influence still affects the today’s music makers.
  • SOMEWHERE SOUTH– Friday, 4/3 at 10pm
    Porridge for the Soul- A dinner honors chef Edna Lewis; porridge gets the royal treatment; how blacks contributed to Southern cuisine.
  • FATHER BROWN– Saturday, 4/4 at 7:30pm
    The Celestial Choir-A mysterious saboteur tries to stop the Kembleford Choir from winning the Three Counties Choir competition.
  • AUSTIN CITY LIMITS– Saturday, 4/4 at 11pm Patty Griffin; The Revivalists-Singer-songwriter Patty Griffin and her backing duo perform songs from her self-titled album; New Orleans rockers The Revivalists play songs from “Take Good Care.”