Huskies Astronomy…now online

Huskies Astronomy…now online
March 31, 2020 paperlesslion
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Time is relative, Albert Einstein once observed. How it goes by is a matter of perspective. In general, when having fun, hours go by like minutes. Especially when we’re under duress, though, minutes can seem like hours.

So to help make time go faster in our current circumstances, the wise recommend we do something we love. Prof. Robert J. Nemiroff, a Professor of Physics at Michigan Technological University, suggests the noble and ancient study of Astronomy. His introductory course is offered online, with video lectures and information resources, accessible for free.

Click here for details and to access the Virtual Classroom.

Dr. Robert J. Nemiroff and Dr. Jerry T. Bonnell are co-creators of Astronomy Picture of the Day, produced in collaboration with NASA. One example is found in the amazing photo of the Milky Way’s nucleus above, a detail from an APOD image that combines light from across the electromagnetic spectrum, entitled, The Galactic Center from Radio to X-rayImage Credit: X-Ray: NASA, CXC, UMass, D. Wang et al.; Radio: NRF, SARAO, MeerK-AT.

For more excellent resources, please visit NASA at Home and NASA Science at Home. We think those so interested will agree: The study of Astronomy really does speed the passage of time.