Truth & Grace in Hamtramck

Truth & Grace in Hamtramck
April 6, 2020 paperlesslion

M Contemporary Art presents a new exhibition of work by lensman Roy Feldman. A multi-layered series of photographs by a master of the art, Truth & Grace in Hamtramck captures moments in and around his neighborhood in Hamtramck Michigan, a small city almost entirely encircled by the City of Detroit.

While the national emergency has curtailed access to the works in-person, the artist and hosts have made the works available online. Mr. Feldman’s work also has been featured in Detroit Performs.


The entire exhibition is available to view online at M Contemporary Art’s website and Artsy by clicking on the buttons above and below, respectively. The links also show how one can purchase works.


Michigan photographer Roy Feldman describes the impetus for his series, Truth & Grace:

“An artist friend said she no longer uses the word beauty, the meaning had become too diluted to be useful. I don’t want to give up beauty.

“Plato, Kant, Nietzsche and poets throughout time have written about it, what a shame if I have to discard it. They all mention that for beauty to make an appearance, truth must be an ingredient.

“I can never claim my photographs reveal some universal truth, it’s what I saw and felt about the subject when the picture was made and grace occasionally intervenes.” –Roy Feldman

Click here to learn more about the exhibition.