Virtual Dance

Virtual Dance
April 6, 2020 paperlesslion

Among humanity’s great artistic achievements is dance. When we dance, we are joyful. Dance also can express other emotions, other ideas, from love to wickedness. May all come to realize the gift they’ve been given.

And in these trying times, the good people at ArtLab J want us to help us keep dancing. ArtLab J is offering free dance programs Mondays through Sundays. The programs are tailored for kids, teens and adults.

Please click here to visit for complete details.

A message of thanks from ArtLab J:

Thank you to everyone who makes this program free: Tech Town Detroit, Jamie Hsu, Loretta LaCoy, David Roden, Valerie Werning, Vivian Tawile, Eric A Cortright, Sharon Dow, Danielle Ramona Perczyk, Insun Hong, Kiyomi Iwata.