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Art is everywhere in greater Detroit and Detroit Performs, a TV series from WTVS Detroit Public TV, connects people with amazing art experiences.  Each 30-minute episode features artists working in a variety of disciplines to reveal the artistic process and how it might inspire others to pick up a paint brush, go see a performance, or discover their personal muse. We want your help!

Have a video, photo or story about an art or culture related event happening around the city of Detroit?  Submit to Detroit Performs!

Video – less than 6 minutes in length.   Upload your video to a free service such as YouTube and Vimeo. Email us the link to that video.  Detroit Performs will review the videos and get back to you if we would like to use it for a story.

Photography  – At least 600 x250 72 dpi PNG, JPG, TIF, or GIF. Upload your photo to a free service such as Flickr, Picasa, or Send us the link to your photo or photo album.  Detroit Performs will review the photo(s) submission to determine if we can use for the site.

Story – up to 500 words in length.

All submissions must be original content.

Please email your submissions to

We’re looking for citizen journalists, storytellers, people like you who know that cool things are happening in Detroit.  We’re especially interested in education; in breaking down barriers to creating and understanding art. We want to encourage people to participate in making art.  You can help.