Dance on Detroit

A Maggie Allese Celebration of Dance


Dance on Detroit

Celebrating the extraordinary talents of the Detroit dance community. Feel the excitement of every rehearsal and performance, and learn about Detroit’s rich dance history in the making. Featuring some of the worlds greatest talents….you’ll experience the amazing “Spirit of Dance” from Diavolo, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Momix, Moscow Ballet, Ballet Jazz De Montreal, Northville Ballet Theater, Eisenhower Dance Detroit and more! Original air date: 12/2/19.


Dance on Detroit: The Dancer

Arts advocate Maggie Allesee and Filmmaker R. Drew Fezzey explore the hard work, dedication, and years of training that are required to be a professional dancer. Meet a cross-section of Detroit’s most successful dancers and learn how they began, persevere, and deal with the demands of the art form. Among the companies featured are Shen Wei Dance Art, Eisenhower Dance, Momix, Northville Ballet, Timberlane Dance, Dance Theater of Harlem, and Hardcore Detroit. Original air date: 3/15/16.


Dance on Detroit: The Art of Dance

A Maggie Allesee Celebration of Dance production, this episode of Dance On Detroit features exclusive interviews and choreography from Sonya Tayeh, Eisenhower Dance, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Biba Bell, ArtLab J, Detroit Dance Collective, and more. Original air date: 9/1/15


Dance on Detroit

Maggie Allesee and producer Drew Fezzey introduce us to Detroit choreographers, teachers, students and impresarios who are making Detroit the Mecca of Movement. From The Music Hall to Wayne State to the little studio around the corner, we’re sayin’ “Dance on, Detroit.” Original air date: 8/12/14