Featured Artists

The following list are artists featured on Detroit Performs. 

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Antonio “Shades” Agee – A Detroit based painter. Ep. 110 Segment

Airigami – Balloon artist. Ep. 513 Segment

Laith Al-Saadi’s – Soul, blues, and rock artist. Ep. 512 Segment

Mark Aminski – American rock concert poster artist. Ep. 412 Segment

Julianne Ankley – Country singer. Ep. 402 Segment

Michelle Andonian – An award-winning photographer and videographer. Ep. 102 Segment

Arbor Opera Theatre – Opera Theatre located in Ann Arbor, MI. Ep. 305 Segment

ArtSoul Therapy A group that uses art as a therapeutic release. Ep. 311 Segment

Art Road – A nonprofit bringing art class back to schools that lack art in their curriculum. Ep. 407 Segment 

Juan Atkins – Techno originator. Ep. 503 Segment

Atwater Brewery – A brewery located in Detroit’s Rivertown district. Ep. 116 Segment


Baker’s Keyboard Lounge – Jazz club. Ep. 412 Segment

Virko Baley – Ukrainian opera composer. Ep. 305 Segment

Karen Barsy Specialist in dance therapy. Ep. 311 Segment

Michael Bashaw – Creator of musical sculptures. Ep. 310 Segment

Scott Baxter – A photographer. Ep. 102 Segment

Emilie Beadle – Painter. Ep. 406 Segment 

Michael Birawer – A 3-D Artist. Ep. 109 Segment

Christine Bossler – Jewler who crafts intricate cufflinks. Ep. 303 Segment

Billy Brandt – An award-winning folk rocker. Ep. 301 Segment

Amy Elliott Bragg – Author. Ep. 109 Segment

Austen Brantley Young Sculptor. Ep. 202 Segment

Paula Brett – Award-winning artist. Ep. 413 Segment

Broadway Youth Workshop – Youth theatrical training. Ep. 115 Segment

Michael John Buonagura’s – Owns a barbershop by day and music lounge by night. Ep. 507 Segment


Susan Campbell – Immersive artist. Ep. 311 Segment

Nick Cave – Artist and designer of wearable sculptures. Ep. 303 Segment

The Carr Center – African and African American cultural arts. Ep. 120 Segment

Cass Technical High School – Performance art based on The Heidelberg Project. Ep. 202 Segment

Aaron Casey – University of Huston Opera Singer. Ep. 104 Segment 

Adnan Charara – Contemporary Painter/Sculptor Ep108 Segment 

Billy Childs – Jazz composed and pianist Ep 210 Segment

Allen Christian – Recycled materials sculptor. Ep. 115 Segment

Brandon Christopher – Artist who believes that art can make a difference in our community. Ep. 507 Segment 

Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen – Collaboration space for local food businesses in Northeast Ohio. Ep. 306 Segment

George Clinton – American singer, songwriter, bandleader, and music producer. Ep. 402 Segment

Pete Coe – Pop-culture painter. Ep. 211 Segment 

Bill Cohen – Remembers history through music. Ep. 502 Segment

Chris Collins – Detroit Jazz master. Ep. 106 Segment

Russ Colins – Founder of  the Cinetopia International Film FestivalEp. 211 Segment

Carlos Contreras  Poet who shows how to find second chances in poetry. Ep. 311 Segment

Janna Coumoundouros – Artist. Ep. 414 Segment.


Olayami Dabls – Curator at the African Bead Museum. Ep. 302 Segment

The Dance Theatre of Harlem – Professional studio school with a focus on classical ballet. Ep. 202 Segment

Thornetta Davis – Blues singer. Ep. 509 Segment

Libby Decamp – Folk musician. Ep 412 Segment 

Sophia Deery – Actor, singer, and dancer. Ep. 309 Segment 

Noah Deledda – Aluminum sculpture artist. Ep. 302 Segment

Theresa DeRoo – Painter who restores Detroit’s landmarks. Ep. 506 Segment

Detroit Artists Market – Non-profit gallery. Ep. 413 Segment

Detroit City Chess Club – Detroit school kids playing an old classic. Ep. 204 Segment

The Detroit Creativity Project (DCP) –  created The Improv Project to teach middle and high school students in Detroit the art of improvisation. Ep. 407 Segment

Detroit Jazz Fest – Detroit based music festival. Ep. 210 Segment

Detroit Medical Orchestra – Medical personnel playing musical instruments. Ep. 201 Segment

Detroit Public Theater – Brings thought provoking and entertaining plays to Midtown Detroit. Ep. 505 Segment

Detroit Tap Repertory – Detroit dance group. Ep. 504 Segment

Detroit Youth Choir – A performing arts group devoted to developing the creative skills of some of Detroit’s finest youth. Ep. 412 Segment

Dr. David DiChiera – Opera Honors Award-Winner. Ep. 119 Segment

Alijah Dillard – College for Creative Studies student and artist. Ep. 116 Segment

Dirty Politix Records – Independent music record label started by friends. Ep. 105 Segment

Sean Dobbins – Musician and band leader. Ep. 104 Segment 

Aaron Dworkin – Musician and creator of the Sphinx Organization. Ep. 110 Segment


Michael Eastman – Artistic photographer. Ep. 105 Segment

Nanci LaBret Einstein – Artist. Ep. 501 Segment

El Anatsui  – Abstract sculptor. Ep. 118 Segment

Gregory Euclide – Painter using man-made materials found in nature. Ep. 111 Segment


Featherwood Frames – A shop in Yellow Springs, Ohio that produces hand made, wooden eye and sun glasses. Ep. 403 Segment 

Flophouse Skateboards – Ann Arbor based skate company. Ep. 208 Segment 

Foiled: Tinsel Painting in America – As seen at the American Folk Art Museum. Ep. 119 Segment

Fratellanza – A theatre company started by brothers. Ep. 112 Segment

Fresh Artists of Philadelphia – Philadelphia art teachers created an out-of-school arts program. Ep. 204 Segment

The Funk Jam – A funk band in Las Vegas that does a completely improvised show. Ep. 402 Segment 


Jordan Garland – Professional skateboarder and creator of #aDetroitFilm. Ep. 410 Segment.

Darold Gholston – An artist and music producer in Metro Detroit. Ep. 203 Segment

James Gietzen – Plymouth’s Ice Festival organizer. Ep. 513 Segment

Marcus Glenn – Talented collage artist. Ep. 302 Segment

Go Comedy! – A group of hilarious comedians. Ep. 109 Segment

Guernsey Dairy Farms – Restaurant, creamery and shop located in Northville, MI. Ep. 306 Segment


Myles Harlan – Solo musician and oboe player. Ep. 107 Segment

Carole Harris – Fiber artist. Ep. 403 Segment

Farooq Hassan – Iraq native painter. Ep. 103 Segment

Hatch Art – The home to a community arts space. Ep. 405 Segment 

Matthew Hawtin – Visual artist. Ep. 310 Segment

Jessica Hernandez and the Deltas – Detroit based soul group. Ep. 106 Segment 

Rosie Herrera – Miami based dancer, choreographer and artistic director. Ep. 106 Segment

Karen Heyl – Cincinnati native who has been a stone sculptor for over 30 years. Ep. 404 Segment 

Jon Hill – A craftsman who puts soul into every instrument he creates. Ep. 301 Segment

Scott Hocking – A mixed-media installation artist. Ep. 201 Segment

Howell Opera House – Historic opera theatre located in the heart of Howell, MI. Ep. 305 Segment

Charlie Hoffman – Guitar craftsman. Ep. 107 Segment

Human Race Theatre Company – Dayton, Ohio’s Premier Professional Regional Theatre. Ep. 401 Segment


The Infatuations – Funk and R&B/Soul band. Ep. 310 Segment


Charles James – Bygone era artist and designer. Ep. 303 Segment

Sydney G. James – Classically trained illustrator. Ep. 502 Segment

The Jewish Ensemble Theatre – professional Equity theatre based in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Ep. 401 Segment 

Richard Jeryan – Weaving Master at Liberty Craftworks. Ep. 205 Segment

Ryan Myers-Johnson – Dancer and founder of The Sidewalk Festival of Performing Arts. Ep. 113 Segment


Gary Kachadourian – Cut-and-fold artist creating a miniature world. Ep. 119 Segment

Jennifer Karady – Veteran based photographer. Ep. 209 Segment

Velda Kelly – Detroit violinist since 1983. Ep. 309 Segment

Emily Gray Koehler – Printmaker specializing in woodcut reduction prints. Ep. 111 Segment

George Kovach – Painter. Ep. 406 Segment 

Alex Kip – University of Michigan Theatre graduate. Ep. 114 Segment

Diane Marie Kramer – Painter, sculptor, and photographer Ep 212 Segment

Andy Krieger – Painter and mixed media artist. Ep. 311 Segment

Audra Kubat – Detroit native singer-songwriter Ep. 206 Segment 

Petra Kuppers – Professor, dancer and author. Ep. 405 Segment 


Ali Lapetina – Photographer. Ep. 511 Segment 

Aric Liljegren – Potter at Liberty Craftworks. Ep. 205 Segment 

Living Arts Program – A space that helps spark art and community initiatives. Ep. 204 Segment

Lo & Behold! Records & Books – Independent record label and book publisher. Ep. 408 Segment

Nicole Macdonald
-Uses boarded up windows at the frames for her work. Ep. 502 Segment

Hugo Medina –  Artist. Ep. 511 Segment

Melanie Manos – Multifaceted Detroit artist Ep. 206 Segment 

Hubert Massey – Historic Muralist Ep 213 Segment 

Christian McBride – Jazz Artist and songwriter Ep. 210 Segment

Dunya Mikhail – For more information visit Ep. 103 Segment 

Jason Milan – An instrumentalist who re-imagines the sound of the guitar. Ep. 301 Segment

Olivia Millerschin – Singer/songwriter. Ep. 509 Segment

Jessica Care Moore – Poet and artist. Ep. 112 Segment

Uzma Mirza – Contemporary calligrapher Ep 103 Segment 

The Moanin’ Frogs – Saxophone ensemble. Ep 104 Segment  

Nawal Motawi – Tilework specialist. Ep. 103 Segment

Motionhouse Warwickshire based dance theater Ep. 208 Segment 

Rhyta Muzik – An Ann Arbor-based Balkan brass band. Ep. 512 Segment

GC Myers – A Contemporary Painter Living in the Finger Lakes Region of New York. Ep. 203 Segment


New Music Detroit – Members of the DSO creating music together. Ep. 117 Segment

Jannina Norpoth – Violinist and DSO legend. Ep. 107 Segment

Jennifer Nugent – Dancer, choreographer, and instructor. Ep. 120 Segment


John Osler is an artist – Ep. 406 Segment 

Tom Otterness – Sculptor inspired by the working man. Ep 101 Segment 


Josie Pace – Musician. Ep. 503 Segment

Jack Pachuta – Wisconsin artist. Ep. 409 Segment

Dominic Pangborn – Visual artist and CEO of Pangborn Design, Ltd. Ep. 207 Segment 

Rhea Pappas – Photographer know for her underwater subjects. Ep. 117 Segment

Camilo Pardo – Artist, fashion designer, and automotive designer. Ep. 117 Segment

Sanjay Patel – Pixar Animator. Ep. 211 Segment

Kate Paul – Painter specializing in murals. Ep. 203 Segment

Pheasant Farms – Urban gardening in the city of Detroit. Ep. 306 Segment

Performance Network Theatre – A theatre group from Ann Arbor, MI. Ep. 312 Segment

Pewabic Pottery – Beautiful pottery and tile work. Ep. 118 Segment

Platte Forum – Uses the arts to inspire youth and communities. Ep. 407 Segment.

Alex Pratt – Potter at Liberty Craftworks. Ep 205 Segment 

Antoine Predock – Renowned Architect. Ep. 207 Segment 

Samuel Pruchno – Artist who has capture history on canvas. Ep. 119 Segment

PuppetART – A unique puppet theater. Ep. 312 Segment


Tajana Raukar – World Champion ice carver. Ep. 513 Segment

Tom Renshaw – Tattoo artist specializing in portraits. Ep. 115 Segment

Luis Resto – Detroit-based musician and songwriter. Ep. 102 Segment

Nique Love Rhodes is a hip-hop artist and songwriter. Ep. 408 Segment

Matthew Richmond: Designer who makes dresses out of newspaper. Ep. 501 Segment

Rick Robinson – Former DSO bass player. Ep. 310 Segment

Stephanie Rond – Painter, musician, and social activist. Ep. 206 Segment 


Amy Sacka – Detroit photographer. Ep. 212 Segment

Asukile Saffell Gardner – Detroit-based drawer with treasured parents Ep. 101 Segment

Salt & Cedar – A letterpress studio. Ep. 116 Segment

Vanessa Sawson – Michigan native actress Ep 108 Segment

Tylonn Sawyer – Figurative artist. Ep. 413 Segment

Robert Sestok – Sculpture Park artist from the Detroit Cass Corridor. Ep. 404 Segment

Danny Schieble – Tape artists creating socially interactive pieces. Ep. 114 Segment

Ruth Adler Schnee –  One of the founding figures of contemporary textile design in America. Ep. 403 Segment 

Cecelia Sharpe – Leads Urban Stringz. Ep. 308 Segment

Tim Shoemaker – Metal sculptor. Ep. 404 Segment 

Leni Sinclair – Photographer. Ep. 507 Segment

Hugh William Smith III – Owner of Baker’s Keyboard Lounge. Ep. 412 Segment 

Gilda Snowden – Detroit artist and professor. Ep. 206 Segment

 Karima Sorel – Visual artist. Ep. 507 Segment

Weatherly Stroh – Oil painter and sculptor. Ep. 409 Segment

The Strand TheaterA historic theater surviving in the digital age. Ep. 312 Segment


Teaching Science Using the Arts – A dance collaboration between students and teachers. Ep. 120 Segment 

The 442s – Acoustic quartet. Ep. 408 Segment 

Third Coast Kings – A band inspired by Motown and Funk. Ep. 114 Segment

Barney Theisen – Board member of the Alger Theater. Ep. 503 Segment

Janelle Thomason – Make-up artist and owner of Makeup Loft Studio. Ep. 118 Segment

Sean Tracy Veteran honoring artists. Ep 209 Segment 


Uchi – An artful sushi restaurant. Ep. 116 Segment

University of Michigan Health System’s Gifts of Art Program – Brings the world of art and music to the University of Michigan Health System. Ep. 201 Segment


Vito Valdez – World-renowned artist who creates beauty in Detroit’s public spaces. Ep. 511 Segment

Tom Varitek – Senior Program Manager at The Henry Ford.Ep. 205 Segment

Vision Male Ensemble – Male vocalist group from the Detroit School of Art. Ep. 304 Segment


Victor ‘Billione’ Walker – Detroit poet. Ep 102 Segment 

Carlton Ward – Conservation photographer. Ep. 212 Segment 

The Weird Sisters Circus – Aerial show and circus. Ep 208 segment 

Doug West – American Sports Illustrator. Ep. 410 Segment

Carl Wilson is a full time artist concentrating on printmaking. Ep. 413 Segment 

Josh Wojick – Glass Blower & Shop Lead at Liberty Craftworks. Ep. 205 Segment 

Women + Film Voices Film Festival – A year-round program in Denver showcasing films by, for, and about women. Ep. 411 Segment. 

Emily Jane Wood – Artist living and working in Hamtramck, MI. Ep. 411 Segment

EmmaJean Woodyard – Executive director of the Dearborn Community Fund. Ep. 509 Segment


Paula Zammit – Encaustic painter. Ep. 513 Segment

Gary Zimnicki – A craftsman using Detroit’s houses to make instruments. Ep. 207 Segment