DPL Featured Artist – Ethan Daniel Davidson

Ethan Daniel Davidson

“After years as a nomadic bohemian — living in the Alaskan wilderness, trading firewood for moose meat, hopping cargo ships to Europe — with home base at an isolated Alaska cabin — 270 miles from electricity — he crisscrossed the country for six years in a van, playing more than 900 shows and giving away 50,000 albums.” – Detroit Free Press

This is a singer-songwriter, but one who remains relatively unknown outside of his native Detroit. Ethan Daniel Davidson spent decades on his music, in as self-effacing a way as possible. He has put more miles into touring than almost anyone you can name, and has driven around every corner of the country, playing dive bars that only wish they could be called dive bars, and sleeping out under the stars.

Here we have Crows, the first record released by another label – Blue Arrow, the same folks who’ve recently brought you new music from Jonathan Richman and Jon Langford. And while two predecessors, Drawnigh and Silvertooth, consciously avoided any country material, this album was made with the idea that it would be both cosmic and country.

Inspired by a lifetime of train travel, Crows buzzes with the intersection of pedal steel, fuzz guitar, and feedback. The songs are filled with tales of old 44s, black roads, men born in the shadows of mountains, breaths held on dark nights, fences nine miles wide, and coyotes crouching at doors.

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